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Based in the Niagara Region, ON. We aim to simplify digital marketing for small businesses and make it accessible and affordable to those that need it the most.

We have curated specialized packages that aim to boost your digital presence. For both businesses new or established, that need an extra push in the digital marketing space.


What we do

Digital marketing might look overwhelming, but it’s fun, it’s effective and it’s slowly turning into a must have marketing strategy for businesses, small or big.


Social Media Marketing

Social media can no longer be ignored. Its an essential Internet marketing channel that if used efficiently can work wonders for your business.


Paid Advertising

 Paid advertisements on Facebook and Instagram will give your brand a boost in short period of time. We help you with  advertisement content and strategy.


Web Development

 We design websites that are mobile first, look professional and are aimed at building your brand on the internet. Great websites are for everyone!


Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital marketing need not be expensive, there’s no one size that fits all. Each business has its own specific need for an  online presence, we’ll help you with that.


Chatbot & Email Marketing

Email marketing if done right can give you the best return on your investment.  We can also setup customized Chat bots for marketing and lead generation.


Digital Content Creation

 We create videos, photographs, graphics that draw attention and in turn will give you better conversion rates on your social media posts.

Our Products

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vCardPlus NFC Business Cards

vCardPlus is a unique solution that consist of an eco friendly NCF business card and an online Bio with downloadable visiting card that will make networking effortless and memorable.

With vCardPlus, you can easily share your contact details and professional information using a single Card via contactless NFC technology or through the QR code.


UYWIX Studio Free Graphics Tool

UYWIX Studio is a free to use online Grahics designing tool that can help you create social media posts, create content for your blogs and websites.

The tool is easy to use and fast.You can create visually appealing content for your business fast, without paying a dime? Not even giving out your email id?

Woman and Man giving reviews

ReviewPlus Feedback Solution

Jetsdigital’s ReviewPlus is a customer feedback and survey solution that makes it easier for businesses to collect customer feedback and Google Reviews.

With ReviewPlus you can provide a channel to the customer to let you know how they feel about the service provided and then give them an opportunity to review your business on Google.


We’ve got plenty of experience doing digital marketing for our own brands. This made us believe we could also help others who simply don’t have the time.


Hours of work

Ongoing Projects

Cups Of Coffee, and counting...


What makes us different

Digital marketing is not that difficult, it fact it’s so easy that even 4th graders can do it. But it surely is time consuming if you want to do it right. It’s not a 100 meter sprint, but a marathon. Only the persistant will reap dividends. It can be an entrepreneur’s  boon or a bane. We believe in transparency, our pitch does not scare you but enlightens you. You can then decide for yourself what’s best for you and your business. Give us a call or let’s chat online, book a meeting today.

Our process


Understand your business need and define success criteria.


Create a digital marketing campaign based on your requirements.



Build a prototype, conduct a walkthrough exercise of the solution.



Refine the solution proposed based on feedback received.



Implement solution, track performance, tweak if necessary.

Our Skills

Practice what you preach is our motto, we have developed our skillsets building our own brands and through hard earned experience working with our clients.

Web development is our core. Gone are the days businesses can only survive online only by means of a functioning website. We have made use of our web designing, SEO, content creation and lead generation skills to extend our reach on social media platforms and various other popular new age digital channels that have captured the attention of our customers. 

We use tools and applications to improve processes, reduce costs and make our business efficient. This investment helps keep costs low, while enhancing the value proposition of our services.

  • Web Design – 90%
  • Social Media Marketing – 77%
  • Marketing Chat Bots – 70%
  • Content Development – 75%

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Marketing isn’t Digital, the World is. Whether your objective is closing sales, lead generation or branding, at Jetsdigital we have tools, techniques and experience to help your business achieve its goals.

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Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing can be a daunting task, especially for those who are starting from the scratch. Most businesses start with just a few followers, some stay there some expand their presence exponentially. We have been there, done that. We know of legit ways for a business to gain a sizable following. It’s long term but it will get you there. Once you’re there it’s going to be an asset.



We have curated articles and content that will help you and your business grow in the world of digital marketing.

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