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Your Very Own Eco Friendly NFC Business Card & Online vCard Bio


What’s vCardPlus?

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Are you looking for a convenient way to share your contact information and make a great impression in the professional world?

Introducing vCardPlus, a unique solution that consist of an eco friendly NCF business card and an online Bio with downloadable visiting card that will make networking effortless and memorable.

With vCardPlus, you can easily share your contact details and professional information using a single Card via contactless NFC technology or through the QR code.

Impress potential clients and colleagues with a sleek and modern design that stands out from traditional business cards. Say goodbye to the hassle of carrying stacks of paper business cards and hello to a modern, efficient and environmentally friendly solution.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to elevate your professional image, get your own NFC business card today. Start making connections like never before.

Online vCard Features

Hosted Bio Solution

Online contact card can be hosted on your web server, the card will display with your website address making it look authentic. We can also host this for you if required.

Downloadable vCard

Your customers, leads or prospects can download the visiting card by clicking a button. The .vcf file gets saved as a contact name on their device.

No Subscription Fees

No restriction on number of page views, pay once and its yours forever. No monthly subscription fees.

Online vCard Examples

NFC Business Card Features

What you’ll get is a Eco Friendly business card that’s made out of Bamboo wood. The card will be engraved with your business logo and contact details. It has an embedded NFC chip and will have an engraved QR code for use by devices that dont have a NFC reader.


  • NFC Technology – contactless sharing
  • Made from sustainable Bamboo
  • Same size as a credit card
  • Engreaved QR code, text and logo
  • Makes a great impression

How Do I Get My Own NFC Business Card?


 Follow these steps to get vCardPlus:

Step 1 : Buy Package

Click on this link to visit our online store and buy a package that best suites your need.

Step 2: Share Details

We’ll send you a form to fill in details for the online Bio, vCard and your NFC Business Card. Info on Business card design options and branding guidelines is available in the FAQ section.

Step 3: Review Proofs

We’ll send you design proofs for review.

Step 4: Ready to go!

We’ll help you upload the files to your web server, get the vCard page online. NFC business cards will be couriered to your shipping address.

Watch this Video to learn how vCardPlus works.



We currently offer 1 stardard plan called vCardPlus Essentials. Contact us at hello@jetsdigital.com for more information on custom solutions.


Can I just buy the NFC Business Card?

Yes, we do provide just the business card, the only reason there’s no fixed pricing is that the QR code and the NFC data needs to come from you, so its part of the custom solution. Pricing will be determined based on card design, content and quantity.

Can i just purchase the online vCard Bio?

Yes, that will be a custom solution, pricing will be determined based on your requirement.

Can the Online vCard Bio be used on my existing website?

Yes, the vCard Bio is a set of webfiles that needs to be uploaded on your web server. If you have a hosting plan then your online vCard Bio will have the same domain name as your website, this makes the link a trusted link.

I do not have a hosting plan, can i still use this solution?

Yes, if you do not have a hosting plan we can host the vCard webfiles for you for $20 per year.

Can the business card be customized?

We we can customize the business card design with graphics on both sides of the card. This will be a custom solution. Please contact us for pricing.

Is shipping to US available?

Yes we ship to US and Canada.

What are the Branding Guidelines for online vCard Bio page?

Here are the branding guidelines.

Branding Link

What the NFC Business Card layout options available?

Here are the NFC Business Card layout options.

Layout Options

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