BlitzQ Surveys


We will create a survey for you based on your needs or you can choose a set of questions from our sample templates.

Includes 1 Survey with up to 5000 responses per survey

Survey can be distributed via a link, QR code or can be sent via email to a list of respondents

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Share Your Survey – with options like email, embed, social sharing, QR code, share link, and collaborate with your whole team.

  • Collaborate with your team to build, manage and review your survey in real-time. Embed surveys in your website – collect responses as people browse
  • Generate QR codes – great for events. Hold up a phone camera and get to the survey simply. Send your survey by email – get higher response rates with the pre-written template

1-Click QR codes – 1-click access to your survey.

  • Perfect for live events or webinars – just ask people to hold their phone camera up to your QR code
  • Put your unique code on anything you like – brochures, business cards, PowerPoint presentations.

Embed surveys on your website – Your website gets hundreds or thousands of visitors. How much information do you have about those visitors? Embed  surveys in your blog posts and landing pages so that you don’t miss out on valuable insights.

  • Customizable for your website – change the branding, sizes and more
  • Embed single questions and results
  • Embed the whole survey – for maximum participation

Analyze Your Data In Real-Time – See your survey results change in real time. The results page is designed to be beautiful on whatever size screen you’re using.

  • See results in real-time – no more page refreshes. Responses come in as soon as they’re submitted. Get fast insights with automatically generated charts – 1 click download for your next presentation or report
  • Real-time sentiment analysis – see how your respondents are feeling instantly. No manual effort required. Go deep and build filters to find out anything you want from your data

Presenter screen for big events and webinars – You can see the results in real-time, in big and bold graphics.

  • Project your results live on a big screen – great for panels and keynotes
  • Perfect for webinars – just switch between your slides and use the link to showcase the poll survey

Real-time sentiment analysis – You can use real-time sentiment analysis to get a feel for the themes and mood in seconds.

  • Save time on analyzing open text questions and order comments by most positive to the least positive
  • 1-click charts from survey results – See the charts update with filters applied and download the most recent version so you’ve always got the right chart